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Women's Solutions

Counseling Services Provided Throughout the Lifespan


 Sometimes life’s challenges can seem overwhelming.

At Women’s Solutions, we are here to listen, understand and help you meet those challenges positively and confidently.  With a special focus on women of all ages and those important to them, we offer professional services in a caring and compassionate environment. 



We focus on the issues that concern you including:

Sexuality / Sexual Orientation  

Relationships / Non-Traditional Relationships

Life Changes and Transitions

Recovery from Trauma

Abuse Recovery

GLBT / Transgender / Gender Identity

Grief and Loss

Early Childhood and Adolescents

Depression & Anxiety


 In addition to traditional Talk Therapy, we offer clients:

Mindfulness Counseling

Guided Imagery

Somatic Experiencing

Cognitive Re-framing

Trauma Re-enactment

Play Therapy




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